Bad Boy Mowers Guide

Welcome to! We have created this website to gather all useful information about Bad Boy Mowers. Content is divided to different sections, so that you can easily access this what interests you the most- user’s manual, purchase models or FAQ. Also those of you, who are interested in Bad Boy Mowers company history will find here useful information. In Bad Boy Mowers Parts section you will find detailed information about spare parts.

Bad Boy Mowers combine a very good quality traditional mowers production using the most modern high-tech functions. Bad Boy Mowers are well known for its reliability and little repairs needed for years of usage. Over the last decade company has become number one American mower manufacturer. They constantly provide high quality for the price offered. Company is known for its equipment reliability, which hardly breaks. Company produces movers for both commercial and residential usage, however their equipment is dedicated for larger real-estates rather than small gardens.

Bad Boy Mowers production facility is located in the the Ozark Mountains, AR, USA for over 50 years. Company’s goal was always to produce the highest quality and their slogan that the each Bad Boy Mower is actually the last mower you are going to purchase often come true. Each mower is cut, assembled, tested and shipped by the company itself.

Choosing a Bad Boy Mower

Choosing the right model with mostly depend from the size of the real-estate that needs to be taken care of. For personal use we do recommend Commercial Walk Behind model offering cutting width of 26″ and engine of 350-425cc gross horsepower, for large estates Maverick offering cutting width of 48-60″and engine of 726-747cc gross horsepower or MZ Magnum offering cutting width of 48-54″ and engine of 625-626cc gross horsepower. For commercial use we would recommend Perkins Full Size Diesel offering cutting width of 61-71″ and engine of 1500 cc gross horsepower and most popular Bad Boy Outlaw XP model offering cutting width of 61-72″ and engine of 824-852 cc gross horsepower. Their newest ZT Elite model will be the top model in 2017

Common problems

Most common issues of Bad Boy Mowers are problems with the ignition that relates to battery and needs simple exchange. That can be troubleshoot by exchanging the battery every 3-5 years. Other problems are more of aesthetics than functional nature and relate to paint peeling of. Paint peeling of is a normal/expected fault coming one hand with the mowers cutting source (grass type, brunches), on the other with the years of usage. This paint peeling can be easily solved by using touch-up paint from Bad Boy Service stores.


When in need to troubleshoot your mower you can use our troubleshooting guide. Whenever your mowers is less than 2 years old you can always request repair or a new model through a warranty claim. Repairs should always be performed by qualified Bad Boy mower service, however remember that mowers under warranty should be repaired or replaced by Bad Boy service. Standard warranty 2 year warranty is offered for most of the Bad Boy Mowers. Contact Bad Bad Mowers customer service if in doubts.

All in all, for a commercial mower, with respect to the price and power, a Bad Boy Diesel 1500 cc is a great choice!