Troubleshooting Manual

Mower User’s manual

The purpose of this manual is to help you to use your Bad Boy Mower for years without having any issues
Each Bad Boy Mower serial number can be found on the plate located under the seat. Those serial numbers should be used when ordering the replacement parts.

People with not trained to use Bad Boy Mowers are forbidden to use it. Using mower without having proper training can cause property damage (throwing objects) and direct life and health danger (cutting arm or leg).

Safety Instructions should be followed at all times.
– let unauthorized people to use your mower
– locate feet or hands under the machine or next to rotating parts
– reverse unless absolutely the only way to go
– carry any passengers on your mower
– use the mower if any of the safety tools are missing
– use the mower if parking brake is not working properly
– use the mower when under alcohol or drugs influence
– use mower when faulty
– use mower with blades turning next to terrain different than grass

– remove objects like wife, toys, rocks, branches etc from the area where mower will be used
– fasten your seat belt if your model is equipped with Roll Over Protection
– keep great distance from pets or people
– slow down if you u=intend to turn
– stop blades when
– remove ignition key when leaving
– use eye (glasses) and ear protection (earplugs)
– pay special attention to sudden changes in landscape because mower behaves differently on slops than embankments or plain areas

Warning! Most accidents related to mowers happen on slope operation. You should pay special attention when operating on a slope. Reversing, moving across on a slope is prohibited. Always keep slow and pay attention, don’t work on a grass which is wet. Towing is allowed only with a machine equipped with a hitch, always keep the weight limits advised for the towed equipment, especially on the slopes

Attention! Bad Boy Mowers as same as any other diesel powered machines needs to be used with special care of extinguishing all cigarettes and other sources of common ignition. Diesel should be stored in a proper container approved by producer. Engine should be turned off and cooled down before refueling

ROPS Rool over protection system
Most of Bad Boy Mowers are equipped with rool over protection system, but you need to take care of moving ROPS upright according to the surrounding environment. ROPS protects you from rolling over, but requires fastening the seat belt

SIS Safety interlock system
Each Bad Boy Mower is equipped with SIS. The SIS is design to prevent health injury, death or property damage. SIS is testing the operators presence (located in the seat), and will shut down the following switches: blade engagement,ignition, parking brake

Bad Boy Mowers operation

Follow the steps below:
1. Put parking brake in the up position
2. Put the drive arms in the drive position
3. Put PTO switch in the OFF position
4. Fasten seat-belt
5. Check if the is nothing located under or next to the mower
6. Place the key in the ignition and turn
7. Disengage the choke
8. Increase RPM
9. Engage blades

Remember to void operating your mower on side hills of over 5 degrees, inclines of over 10 degrees,and declines of over 15 degrees.

Bad Boy Mowers Controls
(A)The ignition switch
Most Bad Boy Mowers are equipped with ignition switches that can be put into three different positions: start, run and off. Once you insert the key, you need to rotate it clockwise so that it reaches the START position. The key needs to be released after the start of the engine. In this case switch will automatically go into run position
(B)Throttle Control
The cable is connected to the engine throttle for controlling engine speed.To increase engine rpm more forward, do decrease more backward
(C) Pre-Heat Button
During the cold periods pre-heat button should be pressed to ensure smooth start up
(D) Control Levers
Three this are controllable: direction, speed and neutral lock. Control Levers are used to change direction or accelerate
(E) Blade Engage Switch
To engage blades the switch should be pulled up, the opposite for disengaging
(F) Deck Lift Control
The deck lift switch is used to raise and lower the deck. Pull the switch backwards to raise the deck and push the switch forward to lower the deck.

Bad Boy Mower storage

In order to assure that your mower will always work properly you need to store it in the right way. Keep mower in a covered area while not in use, to make sure it is not getting dirty. Whenever your mower won’t be in use for more than 30 days you should remove the fuel and disconnect the negative battery cable. Always ensure that the parking brake is on.

How to replace deck belt tensioner?

How to stop an uneven cutting pattern or increase the cut quality in general?
1. Make sure that the tires presure is set properly- same for all wheels
2. Blades sharpness should be checked quarterly, pay attention that producer recommends to replace the blades yearly
3. Set machine to full throttle
4. Keep stable speed while cutting- don’t set it to max
5. Vary your mowing pattern each time you cut your grass

What should I do if my mower won’t start?
1. Verify that the battery is full and there is a valid connection between modules. Fix if necessary
2. Verify that there is a spark at the ignition
3. Verify if you have enough fuel, and that the fuel is not older than 20-30 days
4. Verify that there is no water in the tank. Fix if necessary
5. Verify if air filer is clean. Fix if necessary
6. Verify that all cables are connected

What should I do if the blades won’t engage?
Make sure the safety switch is plugged in on the bottom of seat. Check the underside of the PTO engager to ensure the plug is secure at switch

What type of fuel should be used for Bad Boy Mowers?
We recommend that you use a well known brand fuel, this way you make sure the proper quality, we recommend Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel from any of the known brands

What type of oil should be used for Bad Boy Mowers Engines?
We recommend that you use in the engine following motor oil: Shell 10w 30- this is the oil that is put into the motor in the factory. Remember that the engine oil should be exchanged on an air cooled engine every 50 hours or so and every 100 hours on a liquid cooled engine.

Where can I purchase touch-up paint?
you can purchase touch-up paint at your local dealer

The electric deck lift durability?
The actuator controlling the actual deck height should move the loads up to 1000 pounds only. The deck static holding capacity is around 3,000 pounds, but it is recommend not to lead for more than 2500 pounds. Standard deck with which mowers is equipped is around one fourth of the deck weight so around 250 pounds- ¼˝ of decks working capability.

How do I clean my mower?
Best is when you use simple air blower or hose if it is dust or debris that you want to remove. You should always make sure that you mower is free of those as this can be a potential fire hazard. If your mower is so dirty that it needs to be washed you need to make sure that you run the engine to operating temperature to dry water. No standing water should be accumulated on the pulleys. take special care not to let water prey onto electrical components and bearings. Those parts if in contact with water will surely break.

Mower Blade Sharpening Jig

Hydraulic oil and filters replacement:
1. Place an oil drain pan under the engine plate and place the hydraulic return lines that goes into the
hydraulic reservoir tank into the oil pan. Remove the caps from the reservoir tank(hydraulic).
2. Start the engine in order to cycle out the old hydraulic oil.
3. When you see air bubbles in the hydraulic lines immediately shut off the mower. Remember that only 3/4th of the oil (hydraulic) should be replaced each time
4. You should place some rags should be placed below the hydraulic filter. To remove you should move the hydraulic filters counter-clockwise
5. The new oil filters (hydraulic) should be filled with motor oil 20W-50. Only use Bad Boy replacement filters.
6. The return lines (hydraulic) need to be put back onto the tank reservoir (hydraulic. The reservoir tank (hydraulic) should be filled till the oil level goes up to the bubble located on the dipstick. Remember not to overfill the tank
7. Implement the purge procedure

Changing fuel filter
Your CAT 1100 cc Diesel has two fuel system filters. The first is a filter/water separator.
1. The water/filter separator bottom should be opened in order to drain it. The draining fuid should be placed into the proper container. The drained fluid should be then disposed
2. Now you should close the drain
3. The second fuel filter is a canister located above the fuel/water separator
4. Close the fuel supply valve and clean the outside of the fuel filter assembly
5. Remove the setscrew and the canister
6. Verify that whole fluid is drained into a proper container
7. Assemble the following items: seals (8), seal (7),canister (3), and bowl (10). Place washer (5) and
seal (6) on setscrew (2)
8. Fasten the assembly to the fuel filter base with setscrew (2)
9. The fuel system will need to be primed after the new filter is installed

Changing the air cleaner:
1. The air filter is located on the back of the mower. Unlatch the four latches that hold the cap onto the filter housing.
2. Remove the outer air element and inspect it. If it is dirty it might be necessary to use low air pressure to clean it out (30psi or less). Higher air pressure can damage the pleats
3. Clean or replace both the inner and outer air elements
4. Re-attach the cap onto the filter housing

ZT, CZT, Maverick Transaxle Service Procedure

Need Parts?
Check our parts replacement section
Warning! Only Bad Boy original replacement parts can be used on your Bad Boy Mower, replacement parts can be purchased at the local dealer. When ordering the parts remember to provide with your model serial number that is located under the seat. Warranty and service on Bad Boy Mowers can be performed only by authorized dealers.