How to Guide

The aim of this How to Guide is to provide step by step instructions for all the most common issues with Bay Boy Mowers. You will also find video and text instructions for the maintenance as that is crucial for proper mower functionality all year round.

Some issues will involve parts replacement and even if we provide instructions on how to do it, we always advise to replace those in authorized service first. If you need replacement parts those can be purchased directly from

How to increase quality of the cut with Bay Boy Mowers

Mower starting related troubleshooting

Lawn Striper Installation – Bad Boy 60″ Mower Deck

Problem with a belt tension

How often should I grease fittings to extend my mower lifetime?

How low should I cut my grass?

Issues related to old fuel used

My mower is creeping

How to claim Bad Boy Mower warranty

How to prepare my Bad Boy Mower for the winter season?

When to change the hydraulic oil?

When to change the motor oil?

How to maintain my mower in a good condition?

Blades are not engaging
1. Verify that there are no unplugged or loose cables and/or connections. Fix if necessary
2. Verify that that the pug located under the PTO engager is secure at switch
3. Verify that the safety switch is connected

How to grease all mower fittings?
Every 6 months or every oil change all fittings should be greased. A map of grease fittings can be found in your user’s manual that was provided when your mower arrived. If in doubt you can always have greasing done in the authorized Bad Boy service station

If there is a function you would like to add to your mower you are free to purchase additional options and accessories like wheels, lamps, baskets etc. For more information visit official Bad Boy Mowers website. You will find there a list of accessories applicable for your mower model.