Bad Boy ZT 60 reduced peed


I bought a 4 year old Bad Boy ZT 60 mower, and it was working fine for more than 3 months. Unfortunately today morning it reduced its peed dramatically. Mower sarted without any issues, but then after 15-20 min peed went comletely low, and it doesn’t want to make a turn. I should ass that it looks like a fluid is full. Any idea what may be the issue?

Hi Ben,
Bad Boy ZT 60 mower has two pumps that provide hydraulic pressure – one pump to one rear wheel. I think one of your pupms wither needs an adjustment to equalize with the other pump or one of the pumps is broken and will need replacement. If you are not sure if you can do the replacement yourself, call closest Bad Boy dealer/service.

Bad Boy riding lawn mower falling apart

Hi All,

I have a Bad Boy riding lawn mower that I purchased almost 2 years ago, and for the first year it was working great, however in last 6 months its condition changed dramatically. I don’t know how to describe the problem properly, but when I drive it, it feels like it would fall apart, like mower parts wouldn’t move smoothly, and it causes the difficulty and extra noise. Anybody else have these problems? How did you solve them?


Hi Rob,

Where was your mower stored during the winter? Was it outside? I had similar situation one year (my mower is now 10 years old) and I think the 3rd year I just left the mower outside for the whole winter. Coming spring it really felt that the thing will fal apart. What I did was to use a great amount of grease on parts like casters and zerks. Then I replaced the charging unit with battery and since then I always store it the barn, no problem since then. You may want to try the same

Bad Boy Diesel Mower doesn’t go straight

Hi Guys,

I bought a Bad Boy Mower last autumn, and it is generaly working fine, I mean cutting, but it doesn’t drive straight. Actually I think it never did. Spring is coming and I will need to use it again, and by now I am thinking of purchasing sth else, as it is really uncomfortale to drive that thing that never goes straight. Anyone with similar problem? How to solve it?
Thanks in advance

Hi Jeff,
If your mower doesn’t go straight you should simply give it back, and I believe in this case they will provide you with the same model just new mower. If you bought it last year it is still under warranty (standard 2 years) and you will get a new one without a problem. That is what I would do instead of spending another few thousands on a new one that may also be not a perfect one.

Bad Boy ZT60 won’t start


I have an old (almost 8 years old) Bad Boy Mower, and it was doing really fine for years. I didn’t have to spend any money on repairs- till today, when I realized that my mower won’t start. I thought that it may be a battery as the mower is old but I checked the power and I realized that the relay has power (it clicks when I turn the key), cable going to the selinoid has the power too, but a white wire doesn’t have power. Anyone with same issue? Should I replace the cable?

Best Regards


Hi Mark,

The white cable should be the engine grounding cable so there shouldn’t be electricity there. It is an old model, so what I would do is either take it to the service or follow troubleshooting manual for this model. I would troubleshoot the switch mechanics (left hand joy stick), but only because I had a similar problem myself and it came down to this.

Bad Boy 28HP diesel

Hi Guys,

I had a lot of mowers in the past, but last year I decided to buy a Bad Boy 28HP diesel. It was working fine for about a week, and then all of a sudden problems like paint chipping off from two sides and bearing went going out started. I thought- well, maybe that is normal, comes with the useage, but thenbolts on the exhaust guart started to vibrate off, and after next 2 weeks mower stopped woring. Anyone else with experienced the same? Is it normal with Bad Boy Mowers? What should I do now?


Hi Rob,

First of all take it back to the dealer, mower is new and shouldn’t break like this. If I were you I would request a replacement not repair. Bad Boy are generally very good mowers and it looks to me that you were really unlucky with this particular one.

Bad Boy Briggs 27HP doesn’t start

Hi Folks,

I have a Bad Boy Mower, model Bringssa 27HP, and yesterday it was working fine. Today I tried to turn it on, and no reaction, it doesn’t start. I checked the battery and it looks fine. Anyone with the same experience? Is it normal/often? How did you solve it?



Hi Tom,

It actually looks like a common electrical problem to me. Here is what I would do: verify is the fuse looks fine, if yes, check if any corrosion is visible on the batteries- if yes- simply replace the batteries and your problem will disappear. If not then you should then check if the power comes from the battery to the larger terminals, but then again solution would be to replace the battery. Actually I think I would go ahead and exchange it, 99% that it will fix your issue.