Bad Boy riding lawn mower falling apart

Hi All,

I have a Bad Boy riding lawn mower that I purchased almost 2 years ago, and for the first year it was working great, however in last 6 months its condition changed dramatically. I don’t know how to describe the problem properly, but when I drive it, it feels like it would fall apart, like mower parts wouldn’t move smoothly, and it causes the difficulty and extra noise. Anybody else have these problems? How did you solve them?


Hi Rob,

Where was your mower stored during the winter? Was it outside? I had similar situation one year (my mower is now 10 years old) and I think the 3rd year I just left the mower outside for the whole winter. Coming spring it really felt that the thing will fal apart. What I did was to use a great amount of grease on parts like casters and zerks. Then I replaced the charging unit with battery and since then I always store it the barn, no problem since then. You may want to try the same