Bad Boy ZT60 won’t start


I have an old (almost 8 years old) Bad Boy Mower, and it was doing really fine for years. I didn’t have to spend any money on repairs- till today, when I realized that my mower won’t start. I thought that it may be a battery as the mower is old but I checked the power and I realized that the relay has power (it clicks when I turn the key), cable going to the selinoid has the power too, but a white wire doesn’t have power. Anyone with same issue? Should I replace the cable?

Best Regards


Hi Mark,

The white cable should be the engine grounding cable so there shouldn’t be electricity there. It is an old model, so what I would do is either take it to the service or follow troubleshooting manual for this model. I would troubleshoot the switch mechanics (left hand joy stick), but only because I had a similar problem myself and it came down to this.