Bad Boy 28HP diesel

Hi Guys,

I had a lot of mowers in the past, but last year I decided to buy a Bad Boy 28HP diesel. It was working fine for about a week, and then all of a sudden problems like paint chipping off from two sides and bearing went going out started. I thought- well, maybe that is normal, comes with the useage, but thenbolts on the exhaust guart started to vibrate off, and after next 2 weeks mower stopped woring. Anyone else with experienced the same? Is it normal with Bad Boy Mowers? What should I do now?


Hi Rob,

First of all take it back to the dealer, mower is new and shouldn’t break like this. If I were you I would request a replacement not repair. Bad Boy are generally very good mowers and it looks to me that you were really unlucky with this particular one.